An Introduction to Garden Photography         23rd May 2018

An Introduction to Garden Photography 23rd May 2018

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Garden Photography Course Notes

Introduction to Garden Photography

Duration 10am - 4.30pm

A one-day garden photography course with Waterperry's photographer Mark Lord. Mark has photographed the gardens at Waterperry for the last 3 years and many of his images are used by Waterperry Gardens to promote the gardens.

Mark will be running a one day practical based course showing you how to understand some of the settings on your camera and how to apply them to taking better photographs of gardens and plants.

Mark's relaxed and friendly approach will start off in the classroom with introductions and finding out each other's photographic abilities and what you wish to achieve from the day. Mark will show you some of his photographs taken at Waterperry Gardens throughout the year and the settings used to achieve the results.

10am Introduction and briefing for the day.

10.15 Cameras - Keeping it Simple!

Basic principles of Photography

Shutter Speed v Aperture
Depth of Field f2.8 - f22 and what all the numbers mean!
Appropriate Focal Lengths
Film Speed/ISO

10.45 Short presentation of some of Mark's images and discussion until 11am

11am Tea/Coffee Break

11.20 PowerPoint presentation of Marks's work and detailed description on how he achieved the photograph.

12.00 Interactive session with the group to look at their cameras, what settings they have and understand.

12.30 Lunchtime

1.15 Head out to the garden and take some images


Herbaceous border - the effects of wide-angle v telephoto to compress space/colour

Formal Garden - Symmetry/Framing the shot/Wisteria Tunnel

Islands - Details/Macro

The Canal - Reflections - Waterlilies


Wild meadow/grass area?

Fruit Trees - Blossom?

Rose Garden - Wide-angle - Foreground Interest

Macro shots of Roses.

Rob's Border - Grasses

Stay in an area of group choice - Group breaks down into pairs and people head off to get some pictures of their own. Mark to spend time with each pair giving advice.

3.15 Head back to the classroom to look at some of the images that have been taken. Only those students that wish to can show their work for discussion & feedback.

4.15 Questions and Feedback

4.30 Depart