Garden Design for Gardeners Feb18 - Jun18

Garden Design for Gardeners Feb18 - Jun18

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Garden Design for Gardeners - Feb - June 2017-18

Whether you’re thinking of redesigning your own garden, or just want to know more, this 12 week course covers all the basics: basic site measurement; site analysis; the principles of good design; using hard and soft landscaping and planting; illustrating design ideas and setting them out. No previous knowledge is required and the level of teaching is approximately RHS Level 3. There is no examination on this course but students will design a garden within the grounds of Waterperry and will also be encouraged to work on a project of their own choosing.

Tutor : Ana Coggon

Fee: £650

Dates and Times: 12 Wednesday sessions, 10am - 3.30pm
28th Feb 2018
7th, 14th, 28th March 2018
18th, 25th April 2018
2nd, 9th, 23rd May 2018
6th, 13th, 27th June 2018

Wk1. 28th Feb
Client brief & site appraisal - how to develop a client brief and how to conduct a site appraisal.

Wk2. 7th Mar
How to measure up a garden - taking & recording measurements & the equipment required.
Design techniques and drawing - how to draw up a site survey.

Wk3. 14th Mar
How site characteristics may influence garden design - altitude & exposure, aspect & orientation, noise & air pollution, soil & drainage.
Design techniques & drawing - choosing and using a grid, Design rules.

Wk4. 28th Mar
The principles of garden design -scale & proportion, balance, rhythm & movement, unity, & focal points.
Design techniques & drawing exercise- rectangular and square designs.

Wk5. 18th April
Contribution made by hard landscaping features and materials to design and function (1) - paths, patios & drives.
Design techniques & drawing exercise - diagonal designs.

Wk6. 25th April
Contribution made by hard landscaping features and materials to design and function (2) - walls & fences.
Design techniques & drawing exercise - circular and curvilinear designs

Wk7. 2nd May
Contribution made by hard landscaping features & materials to design and function (3) - pergolas, steps, water features, children's play areas
Design exercise
Design exercise

Wk8. 9th May
The elements of garden design - colour, form & texture.
Contribution made by soft landscaping features to design & function - hedges, shrubs & trees
Design exercise - hedges, shrubs and trees

Wk9. 23rd May
Designing with plants - perennials, grasses, climbing plants and wall shrubs & spring bulbs.
Design exercise - plant combinations

Wk10. 6th June
Planting Plans - the planting design process. Creating a master plant list, locating plants in borders, drawing styles, labelling.
Planting plan exercises - woodland bed & sunny border

Wk11. 13th June
Garden Design presentations
Design exercise - how to design a front garden

Wk12. 27th June
Project feedback
Design exercise - how to design an L shaped, sloping garden.

The schedule is designed to be fluid so that where possible it will be moulded to the requirements of the class.
From week two onwards students will work on a variety of design exercises in class. They will have an on-going 'Waterperry' garden design project and will also be encouraged to discuss and work on a design for their own garden or project. Students work both on their own and in groups for exercises throughout the course.
No gardening experience is required for this course but a good basic knowledge of plants and an interest in gardens is essential.
The course is aimed at people who have a garden or a project that they would like to design. It is also suitable as an excellent first step for anyone considering taking up garden design as a career. It is taught at a high level and students are expected to do a minimum of 2-3 hours home-work each week.

For any people that have attended the two day Designer Plants course, ther will be a small duplication of information on weeks 8 & 9. For these sessions alternative plant based exercises will be given.