Pruning Fruit<br />Saturday 18th February 2017<br />

Pruning Fruit Saturday 18th February 2017

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Saturday Fruit Pruning - 10am-3.30pm
Learn how to prune your fruit bushes and trees with simple guidelines from our Orchard Manager Chris. This course is suitable for beginners and can give you the knowledge and understanding to progress to our Fruit Pruning Workshop.

The course on Saturday 18th February 2017, will teach you how to prune: fruit bushes and trained fruit trees, i.e. currants, gooseberries, raspberries, espaliers, cordons and fans.

This course can be purchased individually or with our other Saturday Fruit Pruning course on Saturday 25th February 2017, which will teach how prune new and established fruit trees, i.e. freestanding apple, pear and stone fruit trees, up to large standards.

Tutor: Chris Lanczak

Fee: £60 per session